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Oct 2021

Episode 33: Orks On Crusade

October 15, 2021

Welcome to The Narrative Wargamer Podcast, a non-competitive 40k podcast with a focus on fun and narrative gameplay, as well as hobby news and our latest hobby projects.
Episode 33: Orks on Crusade

In this episode we discuss the Orks On Crusade, as rival warbosses prove that Might Makes Right and get to hoard all the best Scrap for their growing Waaagh!

We also recount our latest Games Played as Dan begins his own Crusade with his Snakebite Orks, and Tony's Deathskulls fought to escape a dying world being consumed by the Tyranids.


"Battle Drums of the Far Future Part XLIX - Wartruck"
- by Vox Magos, Officio Audiorum


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