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Nov 2021

Episode 35: The Hobby Journey

November 3, 2021

Welcome to The Narrative Wargamer Podcast, a non-competitive 40k podcast with a focus on fun and narrative gameplay, as well as hobby news and our latest hobby projects.
Episode 35: The Hobby Journey

In this episode Tony is joined by Alex & Adam from The Conclave podcast to discuss the concept of the hobby journey, how it influences both new and veteran hobbyists, and we share some of our own experiences.

We return to the Paintstation Garrison to see exactly what Alex & Adam have been working on in their recent hobby projects, and Tony celebrates finally finishing his Burna Bomber! 

A huge thank you to Alex & Adam for joining on this episode, be sure to checkout The Conclave podcast and find them both on Instagram here:



"Battle Drums of the Far Future Part XXIV - Guarding Terra"
"Chilled Skull Lofi Loyalist Beat To Relax To"
"Ambiences of the Far Future Part LVI - Path of the Witch"
- by Vox Magos, Officio Audiorum


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