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Mar 2022

Episode 42: Crusade, Wars of Faith

March 14, 2022

Welcome to The Narrative Wargamer Podcast, a non-competitive 40k podcast with a focus on fun and narrative gameplay, as well as hobby news and our latest hobby projects.
Episode 42: Crusade, Wars of Faith

In this episode we make a long over due return to discussing Crusade mission packs! We discuss Wars of Faith, the latest Crusade mission pack for Warhammer 40,000 continuing our coverage of the War Zone Nachmund publications.

We also check-in with our Games Played to discuss a 4,000 point four player game that Tony played in, and also a number of smaller Crusade games with Dan who has been racking up the games with his Death Guard and Ad Mech.



00:00:00 - Intro 

00:08:58 - Games Played

00:33:15 - Crusade Mission Pack, Wars of Faith

02:05:30 - Community Spotlight



“Battle Drums of the Far Future Part XV - For Macragge!”

“Battle Drums of the Far Future Part VI - For Gork `n Mork!”

“Battle Drums of the Far Future Part XXXI - Martyrs of the Machine God”

“Ambiences of the Far Future Part LXIV - Faith and Devotion”

“Battle Drums of the Far Future Part XXIII - Monarchia”

- by Vox Magos, Officio Audiorum


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Community Spotlight - Woman in Warhammer



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